30 Small, But Important Details That Will Make Your Children The Happiest Kids In The World

Children don’t need a lot to be happy. Small things that may seem trivial to adults can make them smile every day.

Here are some hints to get your child smile. Remember that you don’t always need to give them lots of toys or material things. We promise you they work!

1. Use the necklace they gave you to go to work (of course, you don’t have to use it all day).


2. Create a family mantra or slogan and repeat it when your kids are feeling down.

3. Take a walk with just one of your children.

4. Leave a loving note with a snack in their lunch box.


5. Build a castle next to theirs. Or play with a toy with them.

6. Say “yes” to something you normally wouldn’t, like sitting at the counter in a restaurant.

7. Be as excited as they are in an amusement park.

8. If your child sees you fighting with somebody, make sure they also see you reconcile with that person.

9. When their bedroom is turned upside down, just close the door and continue with your day.

10. Make video calls with their grandparents often.

11. If after trying a sport or activity they want to quit, let them.

12. Let your child splash in rain puddles.

13. Give them a beautiful, handmade birthday card.

14. Adopt a pet, which needs love.


15. Allow your child to stand up for themselves when in trouble, before intervening.

16. Avoid bombarding them with questions if they come home from school tired or angry. There will soon be a moment when you can talk quietly.

17. Create their own rituals: Taco Tuesdays, Sunday bike ride, picking apples in the fall, etc.


18. To mix things up, ask your child to teach you how to do something. Once they do, make sure you tell them they’re a good teacher.

19. Allow them to come with you to the supermarket or somewhere else, in their favorite costume.

20. Make sure they hear whenever you say something nice about them.

21. Stay up late to watch the full moon together.

22. Print out their baby photos, so they can see what they used to look like.

23. Don’t rush to tell them to get over something quickly. They also need time to let off steam.

24. Bake cookies in fun shapes.

25. Play music while in the middle of a chore and dance!

26. Come up with a secret family handshake.

27. Hang a blackboard in their room and write them messages.

28. Start a pillow fight.


29. Show them your old diary, photos, and letters from when you were young.

30. As small as it is, thank them whenever they do a chore around the house.

See? Kids don’t ask for much, just a lot of love!